The Witchery / 61 Wharf St / Salem, MA

text/call 339-203-1307

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the witchery?

The Witchery is a creative space that focuses on art and magick. Whether it be crafting your own broom to use in ritual, or getting a "Creative Tarot" reading,  or catching a performance of our live show Moon Witch, visiting the Witchery means exploring that space where creativity and magick intersect.

CAN I STILL BOOK FOR OCTOBER given the covid-19 crisis?

While we don't know what October will look like, you can still book ahead for broom making, or tarot readings. We will pencil you in and contact you as we get closer to October. No deposit is necessary at this time. Simply text us at 339-203-1307 with your name and preferred date and time, and we will save your spot. 

What happened to your daily crafting sessions?

Well...Covid-19 happened. Last year, you could sit down at a table and make any craft from our project list. Unfortunately, that involved a lot of hands-on, communal sharing of supplies and materials. We want all our visitors to be safe, and that means scaling back on our projects, You can still make brooms and get a tarot reading. However, everything must be booked in advance and paid for online. (Or give us a call).  All of our other crafts are available for purchase online, either for delivery pick-up. Thanks for understanding.

Can i still make a broom?

Yes! We are almost certain we will be able to continue our broom making workshops. With advanced bookings, we can control the number of crafters in our store at one time. You can also order broom kits and other crafting projects for pick up or delivery anywhere in the United States. 

What about your Group and private tarot readings?

We look forward to holding tarot readings again soon. In group tarot, you are familiar with everyone around you, and we will do our best to make sure you feel safe with our reader as well. 

What will happen to moon witch- your live performance?

We are not sure yet. We may create a Virtual Moon Witch experience, or we may do shorter shows, more frequently, for a very, very small number of people at one time. Visit our Moon Witch page for updates and information.