Purchase Moon Witch tickets early and save money!

Groups: At The Witchery, we are all about groups! Check out what we have to offer!

Group Tarot


"What a great way to honor our Bride! We were all very moved by our reading!"

TIME: A group reading usually lasts about 45 minutes, depending on the amount of people in the group.

PRICE: Price varies according to the number of people. Please contact The Witchery for a quote.

HOW TO BOOK: To book a time slot for your group, please  go to our Tarot Readings page. Click on Group tarot. Or text or call 339-203-1307.

Group Crafting


At CraftWitch, our group crafting event, everyone gets to choose their own craft. Some might choose to make a book of spells, while others might make a broom. Still others might want to create a collage card or how about a ouija board? 

TIME: Most crafts take 30 - 60 minutes.

PRICE: Our crafts range from $10 to $49, and there is a $5/hour studio fee per person. Click on Crafting to see what we have to offer!

HOW TO BOOK: Please text or call 339-203-1307 to book a table for your group. For more info, click below.

Group Moon Witch Show


The Witchery would be honored to hold a private show for your group! We seat about 20 people, and if your group is larger, can split you up into two groups. One group can shop on Pickering Wharf, while the other group catches our show, and vise versa! If you are in town during our regularly scheduled show, you can always call or click below to see how many seats are available!

TIME: Moon Witch is about 40 minutes long.

PRICE: Tickets are $15/advance or $20/door. 

HOW TO BOOK: Please text or call 339-203-1307 to reserve space for your group, or to book a private show.