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Coming to Salem with your wedding party or group?

At The Witchery in Salem we offer crafting sessions, group tarot readings, blessing ceremonies & live performances- all geared towards weddings, parties and travel groups. Scroll down to read more!

Weddings & Groups



From weddings to travel groups, The Witchery in Salem has some creative ideas for everyone. At CraftWitch, each person in your party gets to pick their own craft- some might choose to make a broom while others might create a spell book or tarot box. Our crafts range from $23 - $75 so there is something for everyone's budget. Discounts offered for larger groups.

Tarot Readings


Our Group Tarot Sessions are also geared towards weddings and travel groups coming to Salem, as well as family and friends. In group tarot, each person gets their own deck to shuffle and spread as we go around the circle, exploring the meaning of the cards. In group tarot, you are welcome to share your thoughts, to help each other make connections with the card's meaning.

Blessing Ceremony


Are you celebrating a bride to be, or perhaps a milestone in a loved one's life? Our Blessing Ceremonies are geared towards Salem weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more! They are a great way to celebrate in a magical, intimate setting.

We begin with everyone in your party crafting a special item for the person to be honored. We then move into a circle where we pass around a blessing wreath, attaching each item to the wreath while sharing a few words. The wreath is then given to the person of honor as a keepsake.

BOOKINGS: Text or call 339-203-1307 to book a Blessing Ceremony

Moon Witch Show


A dash of folk magic, a splash of moon lore, and you are immersed in our live show Moon Witch! At The Witchery in Salem, our group showing of Moon Witch is geared towards weddings, bridal parties and travel groups. Brides and tour guides get in for free. Moon Witch features live music, performance & video, and ends with a one-card tarot reading for all. Running Time: about 45 minutes.

BOOKINGS: Text or call 339-203-1307 to book a private Moon Witch performance.