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The Witchery

61 Wharf Street

Salem, MA


Email: gret@thewitcherysalem.com


Monday: 11-5

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 11-5

Friday: 11-5

Saturday: 11-6

Sunday: 11-5

* * * Please Note- we are a small business- actually, we are a micro business (1-2 people!). If locked during business hours, Gret is most-likely in a reading or in rehearsal. To avoid this, simply book ahead for crafting space or tarot readings, and best to buy show tickets in advance. You can do this on our home page. Thank you!


What Is The Witchery?

The Witchery is a unique hands-on  creative space offering tarot readings, daily crafting, live shows, art & gifts. We are two people: Gret McGilvray and Bruce Malley.


Gret is a witch, musician, composer, writer, producer, director, business owner- and mother of 2 adult children. She grew up in New England but left to study musicology in Santa Cruz, CA, then came back later to pursue her Cultural Anthropology degree at Umass Boston.  She has had numerous experiences that suggest there is more to this world than meets the eye, and loves to explore this through live performance and mixed-media craft.


Bruce is our guitarist extraordinaire- he creates amazing soundscapes for The Witchery's live shows, runs our band Calamus, and when he is not commuting back and forth to Cambridge, mans the desk on weekends while Gret is in readings or helping crafters make cool things. Bruce grew up overseas where he was exposed to a variety of lifestyles and musical genres. He has a passion for improvisational jams, at times driving our band members into a musical frenzy!  

Stop by The Witchery and get creative with us! We'd love to meet you!