Tarot Readings


Private Tarot Reading

Come to The Witchery in Salem for private tarot readings. The Tarot is a great way to get ideas on how to move forward in our lives, or on what might need attention at this time. Each session  begins with an overview of your current situation, and then moves deeper with each tarot spread. 

$55/Half Hour

Group Tarot

Stop in with your friends and get tarot readings in Salem- together! Group Tarot is a great way to explore the cards while still hanging out with your friends. Everyone gets their own deck to shuffle and spread, as we look at the meanings behind the cards. In group tarot, you are free to join in, to speak up and help each other make connections. Tarot belongs to everyone, and there are many ways to look at the cards. Come by with a friend or two and experience group tarot!