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Private Tarot Readings w/ Gret


A private reading is a half-hour, one-on-one tarot reading with Gret, either in person, by phone or done remotely. Gret is the owner of The Witchery. She views tarot cards as a reflection of the human journey- they can tell us where we are on our path as we make our way in this world. Gret does "Interactive Tarot" which aims to break down the wall between querent (you) and reader. It's intuitive, informative and insightful!

Group Tarot Readings


Group tarot readings are for two or more people, and last about 40 minutes. You all receive personal readings, but in a group setting. Group energy allows you and your friends to speak up, share your own thoughts and ideas about the cards- even if you don't know tarot! The symbols on the cards are universal and tarot belongs to everyone. Try a group tarot session, and get a reading while still hanging out with your friends!

Phone Readings


Phone readings allow you to gain insight and understanding from the privacy of your own home- and at your convenience. Once we see you have booked a reading, simply call us at your reserved time, and we will be ready for you!

Long Distance remote Readings


A Long Distance Visual Reading is done remotely, and gives you a photo of your spread along with a written explanation of your reading sent through email, text, or whichever way works best for you. These take about an hour to prepare. If you wish, the first 30 minutes can be a phone reading, but it is not necessary. Once you've booked a long distance reading, we will get in touch with you for further instructions. Looking forward to reading for you!